The Blue hospitality Bottle

Earn money like water!

For the catering industry there is the possibility to use the bottle for the supply of table water. Place the bottle without cap on the table as a water bottle. Because of its special Cool Body it does not give condensation and you do not get wet circles on the table.

Guests can purchase 'their' water bottle when paying the bill and together with information leaflet they receive the cap. With a personalized bottle with logo or slogan, it can grow into a collector's item that is used daily in sports, games or on the desk or workbench.


This water bottle project only works if we really go for it SAMEN, so do not be meeting endlessly but take ACTION! By pulling together we can propagate this broadly. Europe wide! Because even in ice-cold places, our Blue Bottle keeps hot coffee, gluhwein, chocolate milk or Jägertee warm for hours!

Together for:

* STIMULATE use of drinking water

* REDUCTION of plastic waste

* REDUCTION of litter

* GREEN PROMOTION of the location

* DECLINE the carbon footprint

* SUPPORT of local goals

* PROMOTION with a sustainable souvenir

* OFFERING the thermos flask 2.0

* 100% sustainable consumer product [incentive priced]

Therefore, become a Blue Bottle 500 partner!

For the first entrepreneurs, companies or organizations that join as a Blue Bottle partner is a wonderful offer. Within this pre-order offer, freelancers, entrepreneurs, shops, companies and organizations are given the opportunity to register for 40 Blue Bottle 500ml. with an active cap for 500 euros excluding VAT.

No 976.25 euros!

Normally the costs for 40 bottles with a laser engraving of logo, logo and / or slogan including the start-up costs and transaction are 976.25 euros including VAT. But for those first decision makers we have a unique registration!

For every Blue Bottle partner this costs only 500 euros! [price without VAT]

The participation is only active after payment of the invoice. Because your 40 Bottles carry your logo, brand or slogan, you fully charge this for the tax declaration under advertising costs.

Perfect in picture

On the bottle there is an image area of 20 x 105 mm for the laser engraving. Here, the hard powder coating is laser-cut down to the stainless steel and a razor-sharp print of your logo / logo or slogan is created. For this processing, you provide a customized image in Adobe Illustrator AI or EPS in 100% black.

Social media

Each Blue Bottle 500 partner lift is included in special visuals in our social media messages [Twitter, Instagram and Facebook] without any additional costs and is the bottle with logo and web link on the special promotional webpage.

Blue is the new green !!

Each Blue Bottle carries its own name and instruction engraving on the bottom of the bottle and can not be removed.

Participate! or know more?

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green!"

Sylvia Earle