The Blue Corporate Bottle!

Our Blue Bottle is a perfect marketing tool.

The corporate Blue Bottle has a larger area for affixing a logo, the slogan and/or the web address than the 40 pieces of the Blue Bottle 500. Here, 10 mm under the curved neck is a large area of 55 x 105 mm fully usable for the placement of a personalized expression.

We have also opted for a print with a laser for this view. In hot areas where sun, seawater, and sunscreen oil regularly end up on the bottle, silkscreened prints inevitably resolve. By engraving the personalization by means of a laser, the special powder coating is removed down to the stainless steel of the bottle and a definitive and razor-sharp profiling results.


Minimum number for corporate lasering: 2,500 pieces.

Your bottle 100% customized

The Blue Bottle has a standard name and instruction engraving on the bottom of the bottle and can not be removed. If you want the Blue Bottle completely free of this bottom text with your own corporate bottle, there are at least 10,000 pieces on your order form. For laser processing, you can provide a customized image in Adobe Illustrator AI or EPS - 100% black.

Knowing more?

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"No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green!"

Sylvia Earle