The Blue Bottle

How did the Blue Bottle come about?

The idea behind the Blue Bottle and 'Free drinking water' originated on Bonaire and in two years it developed into a linked project with the aim to drastically reduce the use of water, soft drinks and other drinks in disposable plastic bottles, cansand cups.

The best drinking water quality

Drinking water quality within the Dutch municipalities and overseas islands is perfect. Nevertheless, they still buy water and other drinks in small plastic bottles, cans or cups. Because there is no deposit system for these packaging, there is a constantly growing stream of [litter] waste and the living environment of people, animals and nature is becoming increasingly heavily taxed.

Do not clean up, but intervene before it happens

Our 'Free drinking water' project informs about drinking water quality, together with entrepreneurs creates a network of water points and offers with the Blue Bottle a perfect alternative to everyday tap water, hot drinks such as coffee, tea, chocolate milk or other beverages from large [ deposit money] bottles. In this way, [trash] waste is reduced, a 'green' awareness is created and there is a direct improvement of the living environment.

We call that PRecycling!

The message issued by the Blue Bottle between the rules is; 'Drink enough water every day', but also 'become aware of the [unnecessary] waste flow of plastic bottles, cans and cups and the burden on your environment.'

By using your Blue Bottle you make a very clear statement! "I drink consciously!"

By working together with various interested organizations within our project - local government, [catering industry] entrepreneurs, location marketers, tourist organizations, water company, waste processors etc., we share costs, we reinforce each other's word and deed and we jointly carry this together in every form. from.

Participate! or want to know more?

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"No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green!"

Sylvia Earle