The Blue Bottle 500

Become a Blue Bottle 500 partner too!

For the first entrepreneurs, companies or organizations that join as a Blue Bottle partner is a wonderful offer. Within this pre-order offer, freelancers, entrepreneurs, shops, companies, and organizations are given the opportunity to register for 40 Blue Bottle 500ml. with an active cap for 500 euros excluding VAT.

No 976.25 euros!

Normally the costs for 40 bottles with a laser engraving of a logo or slogan including the start-up costs and transaction are 976.25 euros including VAT. But for those first decisionmakers, we have a unique registration!

For every Blue Bottle partner, this costs only 500 euros! [price without VAT]

The participation is only active after payment of the invoice. Because your 40 Bottles carry your logo, brand or slogan, you fully charge this for the tax declaration under advertising costs.

De Blue Bottle 500 - thermosfles

Perfect in picture

We have also opted for a print with a laser for this view. In hot areas where sun, seawater, and sunburn regularly end up on the bottle, silkscreened prints inevitably resolve. By engraving the personalization by means of a laser, the special powder coating is removed down to the stainless steel of the bottle and a definitive and razor-sharp profiling results.

Social media

Each Blue Bottle 500 partner lift is included in special visuals in our social media messages [Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook] without any additional costs and is the bottle with logo and web link on the special promotional webpage.

Blue is the new green !!

Each Blue Bottle carries its own name and instruction engraving on the bottom of the bottle and can not be removed.

Participate! or want to know more?

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"No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green!"

Sylvia Earle